DIY Sanitizer

    As I mentioned I saw hand sanitizer on Amazon for $300! It was a basic 6 pack and I had to look a few times to ensure I wasn’t seeing things. Apparently this is like gas price gouging, but for sanitation supplies. I talked with my aunt Bonnie, who is a Dr. of Naturopathy, and she gave me a great list of essential oils to use and make your own Sanitizing Spray’s, Lotions, or Hand Gel. This DIY contains alcohol as that is what the CDC recommends to kill viruses. Use cautiously around little ones and make sure their hands are dry before putting them in their mouth, eyes, etc.…


    What Is Your Balance In Your Emotional Bank Account?

    What Is Your Balance In Your Emotional Bank Account? Sounds like an odd question but if you think about it for a minute, what a great metaphor. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, uses the metaphor of an ‘Emotional Bank Account’ to measure the amount of trust that accumulates in a relationship.1  We all make deposits and withdrawals to this “account” on an ongoing basis.  Deposits get added when you do things that are trustworthy or demonstrate care.  Withdraws occur when we act in a manner that has people less willing to risk psychological safety by doing things such as being disrespectful, dismissive or dishonest. …


    Signs Of A Healthy Relationship & What ISN’T

    What Are the Differences Between Healthy and Unhealthy Love? I found this from one of my Facebook notes 12 years ago and guess what? It still holds true! I instill these into my nieces and nephews, the difference between Healthy & Unhealthy Love and what warning signs to look out for. We have all been guilty of staying in an unhealthy relationship a time or two but if I can teach them young, maybe they won’t make the same mistakes. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Love… Healthy: Your focus on yourself and being happy is your first priority. Unhealthy: You are obsessed with your relationship. Healthy: You maintain your own identity, separate…


    Depression, Not A Dirty Little Secret

    The other night during the Grammy’s, Demi Lovato was up to sing and had to restart the song because emotions took over. The song that she was performing, Anyone, was written 4 days prior to her overdose in 2018. A comment was made, “I don’t understand why they have to keep talking about it. Can’t we just let it go already?”, and this struck a nerve. My comment back was, “Depression is not discriminatory. It can take hold of the rich, poor, famous, black, white, young and old. It can be expressed in many forms and we definitely need to keep talking about it”. The lyrics in Demi’s song were…

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    Crock-Pot Chipotle Chicken Soup

    I have found another winner! This Chicken Soup made in the Crock-Pot is not only amazing, but so easy! Monday’s are my long days at work so having dinner ready by the time I get home, is a must. I love that pureed beans take the place of broth and there is so much flavor in this dish! Enjoy y’all!   Wonderfully tasty chicken soup that the whole family will love!   If you can't stand the thought of store bought, here is a homemade recipe.


    Time To Dance

    Anyone else feel their life in the morning is absolute chaos? Not just me? Good to know because this was my morning today! You reluctantly climb out of bed too early to the sweet sound of “mommy” down the hall. After stumbling around you make it to his room and get him to the bathroom to potty. Then it begins in no particular order: You have to feed the kid and get him something to drink, feed the dog, take showers, get yourself dressed and hopefully hair and makeup if you have time,get the kid dressed and not forget it is Soccer Shots day so make sure he has his…

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    Pizza Pasta Bake

    Who else gets bored with just pizza or just pasta? All my Italian food lovers just gasped, I am certain! What if I said you can make them better? How you ask? You marry the two! The result is perfection! This recipe is super easy and toddler, husband approved.   A perfect union of my two favorite foods! Pizza and pasta! Add some crispy bread and voila! Dinner is served and happy eaters are made.  


    Top Parenting Questions Googled

    They say parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and I am going to disagree. While it isn’t in handbook form, Google has become my go to when I have questions. Now I know you can’t rely on everything you read but other mama’s like myself have shared their experiences and after reading many scenarios I usually take a bit of each. Here are a few key things that I have searched in the past 18 months and have been asked by other parents. Remember none of this is biblical and should always be discussed with your doctor! Question: When can a baby sleep with a blanket? Answer: By the time your child…


    I Don’t See You

    To the mom that ______, I don’t See you   So many posts these days that have “I See You” and this may make me a bit unpopular but, I don’t See you.   I don’t See the struggles you face with depression or anxiety every day because of your situation.   I don’t See the difficulties of having a child with special needs.   I don’t See the woman that has spent countless hours injecting herself with what she is praying to be her miracle to conceive.   I don’t See the mama that is with the love of her life in the NICU, praying that she will get…

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    D Is For Holiday’s! Wait, What?

    Dysfunctional: a : not functioning properly : marked by impaired or abnormal functioning b : characterized by abnormal or unhealthy interpersonal behavior or interaction Since the 1980’s the word dysfunctional has been used to describe family dynamics. Talk show hosts paraded family members on screen for entertainment and the more obnoxious the better. With the holiday’s fast approaching I see many people talking about their family and using the word dysfunctional. I used to look at people and think wow they really have it together and their home must be amazing! Then they start telling me stories and I sit back and think holy smokes my family almost seems normal,…