A Note To My Son & His Future Love

I may be your first love but I am grooming you for your love of a lifetime. I will teach you that chivalry is not dead and opening a door and giving flowers is not a thing of the past. You will learn that having God in your life and relationship’s is most important. Your love for the Lord will be reflected in your love for your wife. You will know that compassion for others will hold more value than judgement. You will understand the power of prayer and the importance of communication.
I will teach you that dancing in the kitchen is as important as always saying good night and I love you. You will know love in its purest form. You will not be ignorant to the ways of the world but  will also know you don’t need to participate. You will have the ability to say no and not be taken advantage of nor will you take advantage of anyone in return. You will be raised to know how to treat your girlfriend’s/ spouse and will also know how not to be treated. You will know self-respect and how to be respectful.
I pray for your future wife, even now, that she will grow up in a family that will teach her values as I am teaching you. I pray for your future in-laws that they will be proud of the man you are and they are also proud of the daughter they have raised.
Coop I know I may not be around to see you raise a family but when you reflect on your own upbringing I pray you smile and say you had the greatest child-hood ever. I love you both so much and I pray you have a spectacular life together full of love and happiness.
Your mama and future mama in law…

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