God Why Does Everyone Else Get A Baby?

Since writing about my Rainbow Baby I have had several women reach out and thank me for sharing my story. Some have lost as well and are having a tough time dealing and discovered the strength to share their story with me. Others have not conceived and have talked with me how heart wrenching it is and I cry with them because that is all we need sometimes.

To all of the women in both scenarios I understand. I too asked God on several occasions Why Does Everyone Else Get A Baby? What is wrong with me? The doctors could never give us answers why we couldn’t conceive and it made things that much more frustrating.

I did learn through my journey that God has a plan for all of us. While I don’t understand why we had to go the path we did, I know that it made my marriage stronger. The relationship that we have is more dynamic than before losing our first and having our first. Don’t get me wrong we are not all roses and white picket fences. We still have our moments of disagreement but we have learned to work through them better.

I don’t necessarily have the answers or words of encouragement that you haven’t already heard but know that I will continue to be a sounding board to anyone that needs it. I will continue to pray for anyone that asks and together we will get through it.

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