Wildlife Sanctuary

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting The Wild Animal Sanctuary. The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates with more than 9,793 acres of beautiful and natural habitat for its rescued animals to enjoy. Their animals come from horrific captive situations and are rescued and also rehabilitated so they can live and roam freely in… Read More Wildlife Sanctuary


The Gift Dilemma!

I struggle every year with what to get my nieces and nephews for Christmas. They are all fortunate that if they have a need it is fulfilled so gift giving tends to be well, boring. So now I am in the search for unique gifts that will hopefully wow vs. a gift card blah. If… Read More The Gift Dilemma!



Today I held him a little longer, a little tighter. I know he is tiny yet but the recent events of this world have made my instincts to protect him that much greater. I used to think “Tragedy doesn’t strike small towns, especially at church”. Yesterday’s events completely shattered that apparent delusion that I had.… Read More Held


Yes it is one of my hubby’s favorite movies and he loves to quote it often, but that is not what this post is about. As a new mama I have made decisions why I do the things I do and many of those decisions are because of constant recalls of items. I have found… Read More


Solids Beget Solids

So we started solids a few weeks ago and me being me was tickled about it! I have Pinned homemade baby food recipes as if it were my job so getting the chance to make them was exciting! So far lil man has enjoyed a pretty good variety and other than applesauce has loved everything!… Read More Solids Beget Solids


Mama Bear Is Strong

So the family was out at our local outdoor store this weekend and I apparently showed my mama bear instinct a bit too harsh (if there is a thing). One of the employees walked up to us and asked if we needed anything and bee-lined to Coop. She grabbed his hand and I immediately said… Read More Mama Bear Is Strong