4 Four Simple Recipes To Keep Your Kids Happy At Lunch

Coming up with exciting and nutritious lunch box ideas while balancing the rest of your parental responsibilities can be a real challenge, especially if your child, like many, is a fussy eater. 


Striving to strike a balance between meals that are simultaneously enjoyable and nutritious is a challenge, and often we need a little inspiration to get started.


Meal kits for kids are plentiful online and are often affordable. These can be used to help manage your time effectively, but it is best if you have some lunch ideas in your repertoire to keep things fresh. 


Luckily, plenty of recipe ideas are available that are simple to prepare and easy to fit in a lunch box. As such, here are four delightful and healthy recipes that are sure to keep your child smiling.


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1. Veggie Quiches

Perfect for tiny hands and big appetites, packed with vegetables, protein-rich eggs and some cheese, these bite-sized quiches are a grand idea for a lunch box snack.


To make these: 

  • First, saute your vegetables in a frying pan over a low heat.

  • Then, whisk some eggs and cheese together

  • Add the vegetables to a muffin tray, with the egg mixture poured over.

  • Finally, bake in the oven and allow to cool once cooked. 

2. Mini Whole Wheat Pizzas

This one allows your child to get in on the cooking, making them feel like a mini pizzaiolo. For these bite size treats, top English muffin halves with tomato sauce, cheese and any other toppings of your choice.


To cook, all you need to do is bake until the cheese is bubbly and golden for a lunch that’s as enjoyable to create as it is to eat.

3. Trail Mix

A trail mix makes great snacking for children of any age. Throw some raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit together to create a snack of fast-release energy for when your kids are having fun. 


The best thing about trail mix is that it is entirely flexible, you could spruce things up with chocolate chips and spices or, for nut allergy sufferers, remove nuts from the mixture.


 Best of all, when you make your own instead of buying from a store, you know exactly what you give your child. 

4. Rainbow Pasta Salad

Kids love colors, use that to your advantage and make a hearty and healthy rainbow pasta salad. All you’ll need is pasta and a mix of colorful vegetables for this one, including, but not limited to, carrots, peppers and tomatoes. 


Before making this one, just ensure you have the right pasta for the job. Macaroni and fusilli are usually the best options. 

Final Thoughts

Lunchtime can be a chore with children, especially those who are picky eaters or have allergies, but with these recipes and plenty more available, you’ll find something that will accommodate your child. 


Remember, although it is a difficult task, creating a healthy relationship between your child and food will serve them well throughout their whole life; those lunch boxes are, therefore, very much worth any time you put into them. 


If you’re looking for more recipe ideas for your children, here are some breakfast ideas for little hands.


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