3 Popular International Travel Destinations For 2024

Every year, we see new travel destinations become more popular than others. We live on a massive planet with so many amazing countries and cultures, so it’s only natural that new areas of the world start “trending”. Some of the trending vacation destinations may surprise you while others are easier to understand. Below, we’ve listed the top three most popular places to travel to in 2024

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The Middle East

This isn’t a country but rather a group of countries that are rapidly becoming hot tourist spots. Places like Dubai in the UAE have long been popular because they offer luxury holiday getaways. Ironically, we have soccer to thank for the growing trend of people visiting other Middle Eastern countries. 


The 2022 World Cup saw a boost in Qatar tourism, while dozens of popular players – like Cristiano Ronaldo – have helped make Saudi Arabia a more inviting place to visit. In fact, it is believed that Saudi Arabia will be even more popular next year as hotels booking services have seen floods of traffic, largely thanks to people wanting to watch soccer matches. It’s an interesting trend and there are certainly many things to see or do across multiple countries in the Middle East. 

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Further east in Asia, Japan is becoming a hotbed for tourism. You could throw South Korea in here too, but Japanese tourism is certainly on the up. Again, perhaps buoyed by recent sporting help via the Olympics, more and more people are keen to visit Japan and experience its unique culture. 


The country is full of incredible architecture, friendly people, excellent food, super-fast bullet trains, and much more. Japan is rapidly becoming a bucket list destination; somewhere that you have to go and experience at least once in your life before you die. 


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It’s virtually impossible to talk about popular travel destinations without mentioning Italy. There is no surprise this country has made the list because it offers so much to different travelers. Those who enjoy cultural landmarks and historical holidays will fill their boots in Rome or Verona. For something truly unique and iconic, sail through the canals of Venice. If you enjoy gorgeous countryside and stunning old architecture, the entire region of Tuscany is right up your street. And of course, who can forget the gorgeous beaches along the Amalfi Coast


There are so many things to do and see, and we haven’t even spoken about the beautiful weather and incredible food. Italy is one of those places you can visit every single year of your life and never get bored. It’s a country that’s perfect for road trips too; you could rent a car and make it your mission to drive around Italy seeing all the great destinations listed above!


Some honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the cut include Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Feel free to use this post to inspire your next trip! There’s nothing better than getting on a plane and exploring the world, especially if you see something new for the first time. 

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