Everything You Should Do When Visiting the Catskills

Why go to beaches if you can instead go visit some mountains?  The Smokey Mountains? No. The Blue Ridge Mountains? Not those, either. Up north in the Appalachia regions, you’re going to find the highest mountains of all, the Catskill Mountains of New York!  This is the area where New Yorkers go to hide away from the big city and where celebrities go to their own ranches. The Catskills has a major impact on New York tourists as well as tourists from other states. 


Just look at it; you don’t even have to go out west in order to see really mountains! But when in Catskills, you should indulge in nature and truly embrace rural life. So, here’s everything you should do in the Catskills!


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Check Out Some of the Hidden Waterfalls

One of the best things to do in the Catskills would be to check out the waterfalls, specifically those hidden ones that aren’t shown in plain sight. This gives you the chance to embark on a journey through lush forests and winding trails to discover plenty of hidden waterfalls there is to be offered. Some of the most popular waterfall hikes include Kaaterskill Falls, a two-tiered waterfall cascading over 230 feet, and Buttermilk Falls, a stunning cascade accessible via a picturesque trail. But even if you’re not able to find the waterfalls, it just seems the creeks and the water streams can be pretty amazing too.

Consider Some Scenic Drives

Honestly, just driving is good enough and pretty enjoyable too. Plus, there are some overlooks you can only get to by car anyways. It’s relaxing, and you’ll just constantly get to see rolling hills, which is something to entirely embrace. But if you’re wanting to take a break from driving, but you’re still wanting to see some fantastic scenic views without driving, then you could consider going by train! That’s right! Hop aboard the Adirondack Scenic Railroad for a nostalgic train ride through the Catskills’ beautiful countryside. The scenic train journey is perfect for families and couples looking to relax and take in the picturesque views.

You Can Miss Out on the Charming Towns

Like all small towns in the mountains, you simply cannot skip out on the little towns in the Catskills either! Explore the delightful small towns nestled in the Catskills, each offering its unique charm. Visit Woodstock for its artsy vibe and eclectic shops, or head to Phoenicia for its friendly atmosphere and access to outdoor adventures. They’re essentially the total opposite of those giant skyscrapers you see in NYC and Buffalo. Instead, it’s little storefronts, some cobblestone sidewalks here and there, and that cute small-town feeling. 


When you think of going out into nature, one thing you might not consider is stargazing, right? There’s next to no light pollution in the Catskills, so you can hands-down count on getting the opportunity to see stars and milky way strips that you’ve never got to see before. The whole sky just lights up with the sheer amount of stars there are. Depending on where you are, there might be a stargazing tour. 


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