Breast Milk Diaries

As I sit here at work ( returning to work after maternity leave )eating my lunch and logging my milk pumped, I realize I really have done a good job. I am 42, work full time outside of the home, full time wife, mom and have managed to breastfeed/ pump for almost ten months. While I may not be able to keep up with Cooper’s milk demands much longer and will have to substitute with formula, I have pumped 2,510 ounces in seven months. I believe that is pretty darn great all things considering. I am still holding on to my year goal which is so close, but I am going to stop putting so much pressure on myself to make it happen. I am going to stop reading people’s advice on increasing milk production and just relax!

There are so many conversations these days about how natural breast feeding is and everyone should do it because it is so much better for your child. No one mentions the physical and emotional toll it puts on a mother however or the shame she may feel if her body refuses to cooperate. There is quick conversation to criticize if a woman decides she doesn’t want to breastfeed though regardless of the reason.

Ya know what though! I have learned that you do what works for you and your baby! It is no one else’s business and it is time that people stop putting their nose and two cents in. If we would encourage and support half as much as criticize can you imagine the society we could be?


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