Survive Your First Family Vacation

Are you getting ready to plan your first family vacation? We just went to Disney for ours and wow! There is a ton of planning of course and you have different personalities to work with, but it can be done and enjoyable! So where do you start? Destination first! Like I said we went to Disney and by going through Undercover Tourist I was able to save money! I have have never used an offsite company to purchase tickets but so happy I researched and went with UCT. I saved around $130 and the purchase process was super easy! That is for another post though as this one is to help you survive and have fun!



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Keep The Kids Entertained

First, you need to make sure that you are keeping the kids entertained. If you are heading out on a road trip, then it’s worth researching some great road-trip games. That way, you can make sure that your kids aren’t an absolute nightmare in the car. It can also help you avoid them getting their eyes glued to a mobile device like a tablet. This can also lead to an issue with car sickness and that’s the last thing you want when you’re away. While we normally drive, this time we flew and it was wonderful! We still brought the Kindle for movies to keep Coop entertained while at the airport etc.


Plan For Different Scenarios


It’s important to plan ahead and make sure that you’re not just relying on your original plan working like a charm. One of the ways that you can do this is by thinking about the weather. If you’re heading to a tropical location, you’re probably hoping that it’s going to be sunny every day you’re there. But that’s not likely and you need to be ready for the rainy days too. Either make sure that you pick a hotel with indoor activities or consider looking for indoor activities such as museums, indoor rock climbing etc. elsewhere that are close by. We always do this so we don’t get stuck in a hotel room!


Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent, And Other Protection


It’s great to use the right protection when you are going on vacation with the kids. If you don’t do this, then the little things can become massive problems. For instance, if your kid gets sunburned, then they could be in a lot of pain for days or even weeks. The same is true for some of the nastiest mosquito bites that you can encounter. The good news is that you can prevent this with a simple band that you wear on your wrist to repel mosquitos nearby. When you are using sunscreen, make sure that you choose the right brand. A poor brand will make it more likely that you will get burnt. Even though we went to Florida in March we still wore plenty of sunscreen!


Travel Insurance

Finally, it’s always worth getting travel insurance if you are heading on vacation with kids. Even little health issues can put a dampener on your trip and stop you from enjoying the rest of the holiday. One example would be an ear infection. If you’re heading to Florida and visiting the water parks, these are quite common. With the right travel insurance, you can easily get the treatment you need for your child.


Always remember that nothing will always go as planned 100% and with backup options you will still be guaranteed a fun Family Vacation!


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