You Wouldn’t Leave Your Cats Unattended, So Why Forget Your Home When You Travel?

As well as focusing on what you’ll get up to on your trip itself, vacation planning should cater to every aspect of your time away, including what happens back home when you aren’t around. For cat owners or similar, this is a no-brainer. Yet, even for people without pets, thinking about what’s going to happen to your home could end up being crucial.


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Whether you’re away for one week or longer, leaving your home without thought is certainly never going to serve you well. In fact, you could return to such a nightmare by doing this that you vow never to go away again. To avoid that, you may find it best to have someone check-in at least a few times during your trip, allowing you to enjoy the following stress-free benefits every single time you travel.


# 1 – Ensuring a more pleasant space to return to


If you leave your house untended for two or more weeks, you’re likely to return to a cold, unwelcoming space with a pile of mail at the door so large that you don’t even know where to start. This is the last thing you want after a long flight and dreams of returning to your own space, and a few simple checks along the way can stop it from happening. Having someone come in a day or two before you return home can especially see your heating on, and your letters neatly arranged in a pile on your kitchen table, rather than blocking you from even being able to open the door.


# 2 – Keeping good airflow


Every property needs airflow, especially if it’s made of brick or other such materials. Fail to factor for this, and you could find yourself contacting mold mitigation services to deal with surprisingly fast damp buildups the moment you get back. At the very least, you’ll return to an unpleasant smell and a generally stuffy vibe. By comparison, having someone open a few windows/curtains at least once or twice a week means returning to a home that’s as refreshing as you need it to be.



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# 3 – General peace of mind


There’s also some concern when it comes to leaving our properties empty, especially considering that many vacationers return to face things like break-ins and the fallouts of electrical fires, etc. After all, when you aren’t around to keep an eye, there’s way more scope for things to go wrong. This can be distracting during a long trip and is a concern that you can completely erase from your mind by having someone check-in and send you updates at least a few times. Then, if anything has happened, you’ll be able to act fast. Equally, if all is well, you’ll be able to sun yourself by that pool without a second thought.


There’s no place like home, meaning that no matter how much you love to get away, it’s in your best interests to still protect your home space with regular check-ins that keep these benefits within reach.


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