Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet

We have all heard the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and the fact of the matter is, healthy eating does keep the doctor away. Food can be seen as a form of medication. Indeed, in certain circumstances, a different diet is given to help people become well again. Type two diabetes is one example of this. But what food should we be adding to our diet? To help you choose, here are a few examples:


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Let’s start with apples. Yes, apples are a great food to add to your diet. You can eat them raw, straight off the tree, or you can cook them and use them in recipes. Apples are low in calories and are filled with vitamins and minerals like vitamins C, E, and K and potassium. They also aid the body in weight loss. They are also good for the heart and can lower blood pressure, and they can help reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes as well as help you manage it if you have it. There is also evidence to suggest apples can help reduce the risk of certain cancers too. If you have asthma, you may want to start eating more apples because the antioxidant quercetin is loaded in apples. This reduces inflammation and can help reduce the severity of asthma attacks, at least in theory.



We have all heard about how we should be cutting meat from our diets. Indeed, too much red meat is associated with higher instances of heart attacks and strokes, but what about white meat like chicken? Chicken has many health benefits from being loaded with protein which can help the body recover faster from injury and can reduce muscle loss, which may be very useful to older people. Chicken contains tryptophan which can improve your mood. It also has many minerals like iron, zinc, and copper, which the body needs. All these help the immune system function properly too. However, fast-food chicken and chlorinated chicken may well be so bad that the good is outweighed. So, why not try purchasing some from a healthier place, such as

Sanctum Tree Family Farm. The healthier the chicken, the healthier you can be.



Avocados are jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, E, K, and B6. they also contain many healthy fats like Omega-3, which the body needs to ingest as it cannot create it itself. Omega -3 can help fight against mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, it can improve your eye health, it is essential for pregnant women as it helps the body develop the baby’s brain and eyes. It can help fight heart disease too. Avocados are good for your kidney and liver. It helps your teeth stay strong. It helps the body digest food, and it is great for your skin too. Avocados may be a bit of an acquired taste, but you can mash them and add chili to them to make a great spread or cut them and add them to salads.



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