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Your Perfect Date Night – At Home!

In all the crazy that’s been hitting the world, so many of us have been focusing on family (yep, as we should have been), friends – in many ways just as important, and on finding ways to generate income, keep everyone (especially the tiny humans and our parents) healthy, figuring out how to exercise at home, eat better…the list has been endless and at times, relentless.


But for many of us, there is one sector we’ve been neglecting – ‘US’. We mean the royal us as in, the ‘me + 1’, us. So we’re going to help you get your and yours, back on track by inspiring the most perfect possible date night, at home. Because those Michelin stars are great, but your couch, the fireplace, an amazing bottle of red, little dancing in the kitchen and that little something you’re going to plan that no one saw coming…well, that’s better.


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‘Because, in the end of it all – none of the ‘stuff’ really  mattered anyway’ – Anonymous.


Keeping relationships alive isn’t what it used to be for our parents or grandparents and that’s not to say that they had it easy, just…different. They were married at 21 and Grandparents at 41, life was different. Now, we have to work a little harder to keep those magic connections alive, so speaking of connections, the first rule of date night: NO CONNECTIONS.


Of the electricity kind. We mean it, turn it offall of it. You want candles, a fireplace if you have one (otherwise you are allowed to keep the heating on if you need it – we still recommend lots of blankets on backyard floors or living rooms). You need to work with the situation you have. No cell phones, no laptops, and absolutely no Netflix and chill…, the ‘chill’ may well happen if you get what we mean, but leave that to develop at its own pace.


Also, if you have tiny humans, that’s what grandparents are for. Ship them off for the night, or arrange a sleepover rotation with your inner circle friends so that they can work on a date night too.




Now that the logistics are sorted out, it’s time to think about food and remember, you’re not allowed any electricity, so if you’re planning something gourmet – best you do the kind of cooking that you can do before, honestly though – save that for another night. Tonight, it’s pizza or whatever easy to eat (and have delivered) guilty pleasure is your favorite.


The key to a great date night at home isn’t about going all-out crazy – remember, this is supposed to be a stress-free zone for the evening, but you can work in a little surprise or two along the way, without expecting anything back. So, if you have the budget – maybe that watch they’ve been ‘secretly’ eyeing, or if money is too tight to mention, bring out a bucket list book, not the family one – just one for the two of you, and start dreaming about the perfect year that 2022 could be for you.


Connection and reconnecting with our significant other is just as important as keeping the tribe alive, in fact in today’s world – it may well be just a smidge more so.


Good night…



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