Magic Reindeer Food!

This Magic Reindeer Food is just what Santa’s deer need to get through the night! It is glitter free and 100% edible! While you are making Santa his cookies, keep this recipe handy for his best friends!



Magic Reindeer Food Printout

Free Printable


  • Raw uncooked oats
  • Sugar cookie sprinkles
  • Plastic sandwich or snack baggies
  • Ribbon in festive holiday colors
  • Paper for the printable tags



  1. Pour 3-4 tablespoons of oats into each plastic bag.
  2. Add a tablespoon or two of sprinkles.
  3. Close the baggie with a piece of ribbon, and shake to mix.
  4. If using a zipper top bag, punch a small hole in the corner and thread a piece of ribbon through the hole.
  5. Make a tag by writing or printing the poem (link above) onto a piece of paper or card stock. Add the tag to the bag for a fun gift for children to give their friends to use on Christmas Eve—or save and use themselves!
  6. After you put out the milk and cookies for Santa, head outside to sprinkle this magic reindeer food on the snow or your lawn.

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