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Hi, I’ m Tanya. I am a wife, mama and work full time. I love the outdoors and any activity that puts me there. My husband and I are new parents to an amazing lil boy. He is our miracle baby!

While I was pregnant there were so many resources it would make your head spin! Everything from apps to books and blogs. Then of course everyone that had been there and wanted to tell you their experience. Once lil man came along however the real fun began! I had it in my mind that we would incorporate him into our life and we would continue on the way we had. DUMBEST comment I have ever made! Between the crying, feeding, diapers, dirty clothes, lack of sleep, household turned on its nose, dogs a nervous wreck and the list goes on, I soon realized he was molding our life the way he needed it to be. I researched everything and I mean everything for each new challenge that a new baby brought. What I realized other than a few forums for moms to ask questions and hope for answers, there isn’t much out there. I have since counseled with several new mama’s and have learned they have faced the same challenges and to have not found a resource. With my new found discovery I created the blog you are reading. My goal is to be not only an educational resource but also an outlet to ask questions and share experiences. I am old school and thrive on the notion that it takes a village. We all need help in this journey and I hope that you find it here!

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