For Shame For Shame

    Parenting, one of the toughest jobs you will ever have. There is no handbook or Dial A Parenting Coach Hotline, and you will undoubtedly do things wrong a gazillion times. Wonderful thing is, you will also do a lot of things right. The right things will not receive near the attention nor get the kudos deserved but let someone catch wind of something that is wrong in their eyes and let the Parent Shaming begin!  I’ve even had perfect strangers threaten to kidnap my infant daughter because I happened to have her in a car-seat in her stroller (asleep) rather than in my arms, while I was in a checkout…


    The Perfect Customizable Baby Shower Invitations! Baby-Q or Giraffe which to choose!

    This is a sponsored post for Basic Invite. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Everyone that knows me knows I love a good party! No not the rowdy type, but a well-organized and planned event. From the invitations to the food I love to plan! We are excited to welcome another little bundle of joy into the family this year and it’s a girl! My niece & her fiance will welcome their Rainbow Baby in May. This of course is an aunt’s time to shine with a baby shower! I am a theme party planner type. Some of you may remember for Coopers 1st birthday it was all…


    What Does Your Name-Tag Say?

    There are so many names we can be given and give ourselves. The positive names are what we strive for and what God wants for us. The negative names are what we get when we take control and put God in the backseat. I personally have been guilty of this several times. I get it in my head that I can do a better job and navigate life without his help. This is when my life gets out of balance. My relationships begin to falter, depression sets in and doubt takes over. At times it takes me a minute to figure out the missing piece, God. When I do have…


    The ABC’s of Me

      I was recently nominated by The Mom Blog WI, (you can find her blog here,) to do the ABC’s of Me! You can find her blog post about her here! It’s a cute little post all about you, which is a fun way for your readers to get to know you, and for fellow bloggers to get to know each other!     She was nominate Our Chaotic Mess (link here). This has been a fun discovery and I will also nominate three of my fellow bloggers! So for what you are anxiously waiting for , haha, here are the 26 ABC’s about Me! A- Age: 43 B- Biggest Fear: Something…

  • National Lampoon Christmas

    D Is For Holiday’s! Wait, What?

    Dysfunctional: a : not functioning properly : marked by impaired or abnormal functioning b : characterized by abnormal or unhealthy interpersonal behavior or interaction Since the 1980’s the word dysfunctional has been used to describe family dynamics. Talk show hosts paraded family members on screen for entertainment and the more obnoxious the better. With the holiday’s fast approaching I see many people talking about their family and using the word dysfunctional. I used to look at people and think wow they really have it together and their home must be amazing! Then they start telling me stories and I sit back and think holy smokes my family almost seems normal,…


    The Gift Of Awesome!

    I struggle every year with what to get my nieces and nephews for Christmas. They are all fortunate that if they have a need it is fulfilled so gift giving tends to be well, boring. So now I am in the search for unique gifts that will hopefully wow vs. a gift card blah. Here are a few I have come up with! Kidstir– Teach your child to cook with this monthly subscription box that includes kid-sized cooking tools, kid-friendly recipes, a cookbook binder to keep all the recipes, and more. This subscription box is more affordable than some others, and you can turn the cooking into a fun family…


    15 Steps To Handling An Angry Little Person

    We are going through the temper tantrum stage currently and I have read several wonderful pieces on dealing with anger and outbursts in my toddler. I realize that he is tiny yet and he does not have the skills to manage his emotions. I also remind myself that I am an adult and have moments where I do not manage my emotions well so having compassion for him during this time is crucial. I found a fantastic article by Dr. Laura Markham ,creator of Aha! Parenting, that really put things into perspective. She breaks down the why and how not to react while giving great advice on how to handle…


    Not Broken

    See the kid in the picture? That is me, just a child that didn’t have a voice, so she thought. I can’t remember when it started but I do remember when it ended. I was 14 years old and in the biggest 14 year old voice I could muster I threatened the man that had sexually abused me. I told him if he ever touched me again I would kill him. I didn’t know how, but I would. Two days later he dropped dead with a heart attack. I mourned his death and even though he was abusive, I did love him. He was my grandfather and I still loved…


    Fall Bucket List!

    Fall is hands down my favorite season and I am a huge fan of anything that embraces it. What’s not to love? Football, cooler weather, pumpkins, apples, bonfires, cozy blankets and the list goes on! I also love leaf looking and now that we are back in the South will definitely be heading to the mountains! Enjoy every minute of the fall season with these must- do activities! Take a look at my Facebook for events in Georgia and North Carolina! Get out there and enjoy this wonderful fall season!


    Parenting Handbook

    They say parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and I am going to disagree. While it isn’t in handbook form, Google has become my go to when I have questions. Now I know you can’t rely on everything you read but other mama’s like myself have shared their experiences and after reading many scenarios I usually take a bit of each. Here are a few key things that I have searched in the past 18 months and have been asked by other parents. Remember none of this is biblical and should always be discussed with your doctor! Question: When can a baby sleep with a blanket?     Answer: By the time…