I Don’t See You

To the mom that ______, I don’t See you


So many posts these days that have “I See You” and this may make me a bit unpopular but, I don’t See you.


I don’t See the struggles you face with depression or anxiety every day because of your situation.


I don’t See the difficulties of having a child with special needs.


I don’t See the woman that has spent countless hours injecting herself with what she is praying to be her miracle to conceive.


I don’t See the mama that is with the love of her life in the NICU, praying that she will get to take her baby home and asking for a miracle.


I don’t See the mama that is pumping for breast-milk for the little one that she may or may not be able to give it to.


I don’t See the woman that has to do the unthinkable and release her child back to Heaven.


I don’t See the woman that is resisting the urge to take a drink because she doesn’t know how to go on without it.


I don’t See the mama that is so overwhelmed because she doesn’t have a support system in her life.


I don’t See the woman that cries silently because, She Isn’t Seen!


I don’t See a lot of these situations and so many more.


What I do See, is some of the strongest women I have ever encountered in my life!


The strength that it takes to go “One More Day” and keep yourself and your family together is astonishing!


I do See the heart of each and every one of you and my heart cries out for you.


I don’t wish I could See any of your situations but I can See the need for someone to be there, just be present.


I See the desire for someone to just listen and not always have to “See” or Understand what you are going through.


For you to be able to share your story and not have someone say “Oh, I know what you mean or I know how it feels”.


Our road in life may not be the same, but know I will be there to help you get through the bumps, cracks and obstacles that you will face along the way.


Together we will See this journey through…



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