Let’s Talk Boobies, Who-ha’s and Well…  

I learned in a quick hurry that your body is no longer your own after a baby. You are now the life source for your lil one (if you choose to bf) and if you had sweet images of feeding like I had, WRONG. I pictured it as a sweet bonding moment laying in a field of flowers I suppose. What I got was angry barracuda that attacked like it was the last supper. You also will experience who-ha (lady part) sensations unlike any other and then your first umm pooh happens!

Your milk does not come in for a few days, which to me is a cruel joke via nature. The colostrum is supposed to be sufficient but for my lil one it was not. While at the hospital I had an option for formula or donor milk. Yes donor! I had no idea there was such a thing. Back in the days there were surrogate women called a “wet nurse”. Now in modern times we have milk donors. The hospital explained to me the milk is pasteurized, treated and safe. I’m not going to lie I was freaked out that my milk wasn’t in and the thought of giving my baby a bottle was very upsetting. I did know I had to do what was right for him however. I gave in and did formula only because I had not researched donor milk and had never heard about it till now. Looking back I would have given the donor milk to eliminate a whole gambit of problems formula causes. I am not a dr. though and will not elaborate on that one. I continued to nurse while in the hospital and he was a natural! He latched perfect each time only to become frustrated with the lack of milk. This only went on for a few days until my milk came in and he only had to have formula a hand full of times.

So, how do you know when your milk comes in and what does it feel like you ask? Well go outside, grab a few rocks and put them in your bra! That is how your boobs feel, like boulders and holy let me tell you about the pain! You will find yourself wanting to nurse every hour for relief! Oh and you are constantly in a wet tee-shirt contest. Especially at night! I suggest Milkies or nursing pads. If not you will be changing your shirt multiple times a day. I have read stories of some women that get clogged ducts which is a whole other level of pain. (If this is you comment and I can walk you through how to get relief) Your body will learn what your babies feeding habits are and your production will adjust so don’t fret. I started pumping at week two so my body was certain I had twins. It is great though because I was able to stock pile while on maternity leave and I still pump while at work. I have successfully been bf (breastfeeding) for 5 months now and hoping to make it a year! I swear by oats daily, fruits and a ton of water. Breast milk is made up of 88% water so very important you keep hydrated! I also drink Mother’s Milk Tea multiple times a day and my caffeine intake is still at a minimum. There are cookies and smoothies that help also if you feel your supply is getting low. I have a ton of tasty recipes on my Pinterest page if you are a Pinaholic like myself!

Moving on, let’s talk the who-ha! I had a minimal tear so a few stitches were all that was needed. Stitches in your lady parts is an experience on a whole new level. When you go to the bathroom YOU dare not wipe! You can dab but the water bottle they give at the hospital will be your new bff! They will give you instructions on how to use everything so I am not going to get into detail here. As you can imagine though if you have stitches so close to the uhh exit, you are bound to notice right! RIGHT! I think it was 4 or so days after delivery when I had my second delivery! Yes it feels like child-birth all over again! I can’t even put into words the experience only that if I could have had another epidural I would have taken it! I was on antibiotics and anesthesia in the hospital so I am sure that did not help my plumbing in the least. I would think walking would help get things moving along but I was sick so getting out of bed was a chore and walking wasn’t happening. It all passes however (pun intended) and everything normalizes with time.

Now I have my sweet bonding moments and yes, sometimes we sit outside with the flowers and the birds and he nurses till his lil heart is content…


  • Danielle

    The things nobody tells you about childbirth. My biggest surprise was the after pains. I felt let I was being stabbed repeatedly. It took my breath away, in a very bad way.

    • themamalife

      I believe they call it the 4th trimester. No one tells you about these things and I agree, very painful! We get through it however and continue to have more children if we can so must not be too traumatic!

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