Solids Beget Solids

So we started solids a few weeks ago and me being me was tickled about it! I have Pinned homemade baby food recipes as if it were my job so getting the chance to make them was exciting! So far lil man has enjoyed a pretty good variety and other than applesauce has loved everything! So you are asking that’s cute what is this post about? Well unknown to me, but makes perfect sense, when they start on solids well other things get solid too!

It started Friday while we were sitting on the couch watching TV. and relaxing when the blood curdling screaming began. This was not an I am tired, hungry or even I am gassy scream. This was an I am in excruciating pain and I don’t know what to do! I immediately pick him up and start checking him over not finding anything. My hubby is looking at me, I am looking at him, we are both checking lil man trying to figure out what in the world is happening. He is turning bright red, clenching his fists and holding his breath. I of course am ready to go to the ER when I smell it. I think “Wow he just had a massive blow-out.”. Boy was I wrong! It was maybe the size of a marble and solid. It was his first solid pooh so I assumed he was not used to the sensation. We got him calmed down and since it was bath time we prepped him for bed and continued on. I did give him some gas drops just in case.

Around 11:00p we are again consoling our lil one while he screams and continues the same process as above. I realize this is not normal and immediately turn to Google. (Don’t we all?) I read that sometimes if you get their food too solid it will cause them to either be constipated and or have too solid of a pooh.

I had no idea! I had fed him peas that were not as thinned out as normal and that was the culprit. This continued for two days! The next morning, I gave him pear juice and some yogurt in hopes that would help things move along. I stopped veggies and gave him fruit that was very thinned out and he finally started back with normal diapers.

I learned a very valuable lesson through all of this. While I may be excited for him to try things his system will need time to get used to digestion. I have not put him back on veggies yet and I never introduce more than one veggie every three to four days to see if there will be any reactions. This is one more of many lessons that I am sure we will have but maybe it will help you not have to experience this with your lil one.

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