The Kinds of Food You’ll Come Back to Time and Time Again

When it comes to food, you may find that there are dishes you always want to go back to. When you’re tired, when there’s nothing fresh in the house, and when you’re craving some of your comforts, there will always be those dishes we know we can rely upon. Cooking can sometimes feel like a chore, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. When you’re running out of ideas or you know you just need something easy to turn to that night, it’s great to be able to have little tricks up your sleeve. These are the meals that always go down well and you enjoy cooking. Let’s take a look at what they are.


1. One-Pot Wonders

First of all, we have all of the wonderful one-pot meals. From pasta to stir fry to everything you can throw together in a roasting tray, they’re super easy. Only requiring one pan to cook everything in can mean there’s not a lot of mess and everything is made pretty quickly. These are great for weeknights and when you’ve got random things left in the fridge to throw in.

2. Slow Cooker Goodness

Next up, we have to give slow cooker meals a mention. Of course, you’re always going to want to make sure that you’re bringing some hearty classics into your menu. Whether it’s a slow cooker goulash, warming meatballs, or even shredded chicken, you can always count on these recipes to warm your body up (and your heart too)! The best part is – you can throw everything in first thing, let it cook all day, and dinner is done for you by the end of the day.

3. Simple Salads

Up next we have salads. They won’t always seem exciting, but they certainly can taste incredible. Maybe you like the idea of spicing them up with some meats or cheese? Maybe even a zingy homemade dressing? When the weather is beautiful, nothing beats a hearty salad enjoyed outside with a crisp glass of wine.

4. A Crowd-Pleasing Roast

Then we have a good old-fashioned roast. Who doesn’t love roast meat with all the trimmings? Whether you do a family dinner night like this every week or every once in a while, it’s great to be able to throw all the yummy things together and make a really tasty home-cooked meal. Plus, it can often be everyone’s favorite.

5. Your Guilty Pleasures

Finally, you’ll find that you’re always going to come back to the foods that you love the most. It might be that you love pizza or that cheesy pasta is your go-to. Whatever it is that you love to eat, you’re always going to want to come back to it. Knowing how to make it and having all the ingredients in the house is always a great start. That way, you can ensure that you’re ready to make it whenever you crave it!

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