I Didn’t Light A Candle, A Poem For My Unborn Baby…

I wrote this some time ago and while it isn’t October, there is always a time to honor and remember.
I didn’t light a candle
I let the memory live inside
It is not that I forgot
Because I couldn’t if I tried
Time has passed
But the pain is still real
No matter how much I try
I imagine you still
Your tiny hands
Tiny feet
The bundle of joy
I never had a chance to meet
I know one day
We will walk together
I will hold you and love you
And it will be forever
I didn’t light a candle….
I have had so many close to me that have become 1 in 4 and while we didn’t chose this, it is our heartache and though time passes we will never forget. We will always remember the day, the hour when our heart was broken in two and our world forever changed. Know that you are not alone and I am so heartbroken that you have to know this pain. We are here for you and love you!

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