Time To Saddle Up: Why You Should Cycle Your Next Travel Adventure

Most people arrive in a new country and then spend most of the time hopping on and off public transport. It’s often the cheapest way to get around.


However, if you really want to gain an appreciation of the lay of the land, then you’re much better off getting around on a bicycle. And this applies just as much to cities as it does to wilderness adventures.


In this post, we take a look at some of the specific reasons why biking everywhere is invariably the best option and why you should consider it.


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It Gets Your Body Moving


Biking is a great way to stay active on vacation and avoid the temptation to rest on your laurels. While many people see time off work as an opportunity to be more sedentary, the reality is that we should be doing the opposite. Collectively, we already spend far too much time on our backsides, whether at work or at home. Our vacations should be opportunities to move more and make use of our bodies in the proper way.


It Gives You A Feel For The Landscape


Vacations and travel are also an opportunity to get in touch with nature. Most people spend so much time in cities that they never really make contact with the Earth.


That’s another reason why cycling holidays are becoming so incredibly popular. They let you explore the wilderness and the space between cities, giving you a sense of what our planet is really like. You can get away from all the diesel fumes and smell the pollen, fresh winds on a sea breeze, and pine cones in forests.


It Lets You See More Than Hiking


While hiking is a great way to get into nature, you don’t always see a lot of it. That’s because you’re actually moving quite slowly. Most people can cover ten to fifteen miles per day, which isn’t a great deal.


If you go cycling, though, you can potentially cover seventy miles per day. It’s much easier to link up nodes on your trips, and you don’t have to worry so much about reaching your destination on time. It’s a much more fun way to get around.


Say Goodbye To Heavy Backpacks


Heavy backpacks are extremely annoying and, in many cases, painful. When you hike around on foot, you have to support everything on your shoulders. But with biking, you can use panniers. These helpful additions to the side of your ride make it much easier for you to transport all your possessions to where you need them.


You Can Take The Back Routes


Taking the back routes on a road trip is often stressful, bumpy, and boring. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in a ditch.


But when you bike the back routes, it becomes fun, scenic, and interesting. Plus you can avoid the bulk of the traffic. Most countries have networks of biking trails that don’t require you to cycle for miles along the highway. And that’s great for anyone with young children.


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