Sleep! What is that again!

    Seems to be the most mentioned topic in any conversation for new parents. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard “How is the baby sleeping? How are you sleeping?”. It is understandable I suppose since generally new parents forget what sleep really is and appear to look like zombies for the first few, well I will have to get back to you on how long this lasts. I have now read five books, more blogs and forums than you can shake a stick at and discovered there are more methods to get your baby to sleep than Carter has liver pills! It is mind blowing…


    Milk Reduction When Period Returns

    Ugh your monthly aunt Flow returns! As if delivering a human, having leaky boobs and no sleep weren’t enough. You begin to wonder if you will ever catch a break! Eleven months of no visits from aunt Flow was amazing and I did not miss her one bit! Some women will not get a visit the entire time they are breastfeeding, lucky them! I was two months post-delivery when she returned. So how do you combat milk reduction while she visits? Here are a few pointers: Cal-Mag Supplements Just before your period starts, your blood calcium levels drop, causing your milk supply to drop. To combat this, you can take…

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    Quinoa Baby Cereal Stage 1

    Homemade Quinoa Baby Cereal This smooth and creamy Homemade Quinoa Baby Cereal has an earthy and robust taste and is loaded with protein, fiber, iron and magnesium. It’s great served as a meal itself or mixed with baby’s favorite fruit or vegetable puree.  How to: make a batch of your favorite quinoa – I made this recipe using the trio color blend, but any color of quinoa will work with this recipe. transfer the cooked quinoa into the blender add in a little water, broth or breast milk puree for a minute or so until it is nice and smooth serve straight away, or freeze the cereal into cubes for easy use…