Don’t Love Your New Home’s Interior? Here’s How To Fix It On A Budget

Finding a home that meets your needs is important. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find one that meets your design preferences.


The space and functionality of the home might be right but the interior design might not be. But don’t worry, it is fixable, even if you are on a budget or a tight time schedule.


Here are the best ways to transform an interior you do not love without spending a fortune.


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Stick on wall prints

You might dislike your home’s interior because of the walls and their design/color. If you dislike the color or want to install something more unique, you should consider sticking wall art to the walls. There is no need to invest in paint or take time installing wallpaper when you can use something as easy as peel-and-stick wall art.


Looking into peel and stick accent wall ideas will give you some indication as to how you can use the product to redecorate your space without needing to repaint or install tricky wallpapers.


Or, consider a fresh lick of paint

If you prefer plain walls, you could consider adding a fresh lick of paint.


Seeing as you do not love the current color, it is best to change it. Choose a color that brings you joy and that can be timeless as you might not want to repaint every year or few months. For example, you might know that you love pastel colors. Hence, choose one that can align with the rest of your interior and that you know you will love.


Furthermore, you could repaint other features in the house to make them feel new. You do not need to buy new furniture. Instead, you can repaint it either the same color for a refresh or a new color, for a completely new look.


You can save yourself a lot of money by repurposing furniture with a fresh lick of paint.


Add a carpet runner

Whether you are bored with your carpet or dislike it because it isn’t super clean, you should consider adding a carpet runner. You can easily fix up your house on a budget by adding new pieces over old pieces. The same goes for sticking on wall art – you are covering up the thing you dislike underneath.


Adding a carpet runner is an easy way to cover up the current carpet and make it a color or design that you like.


Add more light

A home that lacks light is bound to make you feel uninspired. Hence, it is best to add more light and enhance the airiness of the space.


You might have bulky window coverings that are blocking the light or lack natural light due to a cupboard in the way of the window. Taking down and removing things that are blocking the window will ensure to let plenty of light.


Furthermore, some other ways to enhance the light in your home include:


  • Add more mirrors. Mirrors help to bounce light around the home. Adding more to your spaces will help to pass light from one wall to another, making the room feel and look bigger and brighter.
  • Install lights that mimic natural light. If your home feels dull due to a dark day or the evening closing in, you shouldn’t let that hinder the airiness of your home. Instead, install lights that mimic natural light so you can continue the airiness and brightness of the space no matter the weather or time of day.


Install new cupboard or door handles

A great way to transform a home that you do not love is by adding new handles. You might be bored with your kitchen cupboards or interior doors. If so, switching their handles can make them look new.


It is quick and easy to change the handles of doors throughout your home and it doesn’t cost a lot. Instead of replacing the entire door, you can simply change the fixture and transform its look.


Paint the floor

If you have a wooden floor that you dislike, you do not need to replace it for it to feel new. Instead, you can paint it.


Some wooden floors can be trickier to paint – it will depend on their finish. If the flooring is shiny, it might require special paint. This can be more expensive than standard paint. However, it will be more affordable than buying and installing a new floor.


Furthermore, if you have standard wooden floors, you should be fine to use standard floor paint. The job can be completed in a few hours and you can spend a fraction of the price.


Add shelves to each room for storage and depth

Whether you lack storage space in your home or want the rooms to feel more organized, you can benefit from adding shelves. You can add shelves to many spaces in the home from the kitchen and bathroom to the living room and bedroom.

Shelves are a great way to display items and keep your home organized. Instead of leaving things on the floor or sides, you can display them neatly on your shelves. You can even use this list of South Park Funko Pops for inspiration on which of your favorite characters you would like to display on the new shelves in your office.


Add new fabric to your old sofa

If your sofa is old but you do not have the funds to buy a new one, you can save money and transform it by adding new fabric.


You do not need to buy a new sofa to make it feel new. Installing a new fabric can be done by yourself (with patience) or an expert. Even paying for expert installation can be much more affordable than getting a new sofa. Hence, consider reupholstering the sofa to make it one you love.


Although you might think it is expensive to transform a new home that you do not love, it doesn’t need to be. Using these tips, you can find ways to transform the space on a budget. Some tips will allow you to only spend a fraction of the price yet achieve a new look altogether.

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