It Is Okay To Say No!

After having Coop I meet some lovely ladies that were also new mom’s. The conversation came up about visitors, people wanting to hold your child and strangers coming up and touching your baby when out in public. I mentioned I have no problem saying no! It was really that simple. He is new and tiny and I wasn’t going to expose him to any possible germs. One of the mama’s looked at me and said she wished she could do that and was impressed I could so easily. She said it was almost as if it were expected that everyone under the sun could come visit and hold her newborn.

Shortly after a news story came out about a couple losing their baby to sickness after taking her to a wedding. This again reiterated to me that it is okay to say NO! You are responsible for this little life and you have to use your best judgement when it comes to exposing him or her to people, environments etc.

When Coop was born we did not have any visitors the first twenty-four hours. I wanted privacy and to give time for daddy and I to cherish the moment of becoming parents. Once we did allow visitors I still did not let anyone hold him and we were very limited who was allowed to visit. When we were home I continued to keep a limited visitor environment. Becoming a new parent takes a bit to adjust to and I felt like if I had visitors I would need to entertain them. That is just who I am. We were also recovering from getting sick at the hospital and didn’t want to give anyone the icky that we both had. Oh and lets face it you are both exhausted!

I know everyone gets excited and wants to see the new baby but they were also understanding of my wishes and never made me feel bad about my decision. Remember mama if you are uncomfortable with something it is okay to speak up and say no!

How do you feel about visitors after giving birth? Share your tips and tricks with us mamas!



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