How to Maximize Your Time In New York This Year

New York is one of those travel destinations that is likely to be on many people’s bucket lists. It’s a great place to visit for its culture, the sheer scale of its buildings and the vast amount of activities available to see and do. 


Whether you’re staying here for a long weekend or taking advantage of the city for an entire week, it’s worth making use of every second you have available. It’s a place that’s busy and active all the time, so you won’t be short of activities to do when you’re here. Here are some top tips for maximizing your time in New York this year.

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Spend more time walking than taking transport

While it might be somewhat easier to take public transport, whether that’s hopping on the Metro or flagging down a yellow cab, it’s a lot more fulfilling to take to the streets.


There’s nothing better than walking around New York. You’ll certainly get your 20,000-step goal in if you do walking around New York all day. Wear a good pair of shoes that are comfortable and take lots of pit stops along the way. As a result, you’ll be able to find more enjoyment in walking and seeing the sights above the ground. 


Up close and personal is a better way of seeing the city, rather than doing it behind a glass window.

Use social media to find some trending restaurants 

Social media has become a great source of information, with many younger generations using social media as their official news source for most things happening in their life.


With that being said, it’s worthwhile looking at what is trending by simply adding the relevant keywords to the search bars of these platforms. Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube tend to be great platforms for scoping out the hot places for food, whether that be newcomers to the market or old favorites that are a must-go-to.


It’s a great way of getting to know an area when you go to all the tourist spots but a lot of video content on social media is more personable, so you’re likely to get a few unique spots. This is a fantastic opportunity for small eateries to get their name out there and for you to try something delicious.

Travel a little further for the arts

When it comes to the arts, there’s nowhere better than New York. You’ve got the wonderful bright lights of Broadway to enjoy but just a little further afield is Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. This is a great place for live events and exploring the local culture that attends the outdoor festival.


It’s a little journey outside of NYC but it’s well worth doing if you have some spare time and want to escape away a little from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Check out the nightlife across the city

It’s considered to be the city that never sleeps and that soon becomes apparent once you check out the nightlife. From the shows on Broadway to the speakeasies that you come across by accident.


Whether it’s a drag bar or a nightclub, there are plenty of options available to explore that come out at night. It’s well worth taking some time to enjoy the nightlife, rather than just doing everything in the day and then calling it an early night.



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Of course, it’s important to be careful when you’re in such a big city and if you’re with a group, make sure you stick together so you don’t end up getting lost.

Get a tourist sightseeing package if it’s your first time

When you’re in New York for the first time, there’s nothing better than enjoying a sightseeing package. As a tourist visiting for the first time, you can get great value out of one of these NYC passes. They usually include multiple entries to popular tourist spots across the city. These typically include:


  • 9/11 Memorial Museum
  • Statue of Liberty
  • One World Trade Center
  • Hop-on, Hop-off buses
  • Empire State Building
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Speak to locals for their advice on where to go

It’s always important to maximize your time when you’re in New York and a great suggestion is to speak to the locals. Find out what their recommendations are when you’re visiting the city, even if you only have limited time to enjoy it!




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