Breast Milk Diaries Part II

Well the day happened, I used the last of my frozen supply. I am now substituting formula along with breast-milk and let me tell ya it was not easy! I made him his first formula bottle and he hated it! Made me smile a bit but I knew he had to develop a taste for it. The next try I gave it to him in the morning when he was good and hungry and he drank six ounces no problem. That night I made him another bottle. It was tough giving it to him and of course I cried. I am still able to pump around nine ounces a day so he is getting both but I really didn’t want to depend on formula.

I researched formula types and am happy with the one he is on. Baby’s Only is the brand and though a bit pricey it has not caused any problems. He hasn’t been gassy or spit up any of it. I know that HiPP and Holle are also two amazing products but the ease and availability of Baby’s Only was my deciding factor.

I will still continue to pump through the day and give him as much breast-milk as possible.

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