Breast Milk Diaries III

    January first was the last day I pumped. I am still breastfeeding at night and in the morning if Coop wants but he has weaned himself pretty much to only at night. I decided an organic powdered formula would work best for us being the most economical and environmentally friendly. I researched formula better than the FBI and here is what I came up with. (Post contains affiliate links) Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief with DHA & ARA Toddler Formula is what I am using. While he doesn’t have an issue with lactose I choose this due to less constipation issues in babies were reported. The price isn’t overwhelming and if…


    Breast Milk Diaries Part II

    Well the day happened, I used the last of my frozen supply. I am now substituting formula along with breast-milk and let me tell ya it was not easy! I made him his first formula bottle and he hated it! Made me smile a bit but I knew he had to develop a taste for it. The next try I gave it to him in the morning when he was good and hungry and he drank six ounces no problem. That night I made him another bottle. It was tough giving it to him and of course I cried. I am still able to pump around nine ounces a day…


    Breast Milk Diaries

    As I sit here at work ( returning to work after maternity leave )eating my lunch and logging my milk pumped, I realize I really have done a good job. I am 42, work full time outside of the home, full time wife, mom and have managed to breastfeed/ pump for almost ten months. While I may not be able to keep up with Cooper’s milk demands much longer and will have to substitute with formula, I have pumped 2,510 ounces in seven months. I believe that is pretty darn great all things considering. I am still holding on to my year goal which is so close, but I am…