When someone says the word overexposed I think of film, a bad picture. The film was exposed to too much of something that made it bad. Do we live in a world that is overexposed? With so many social media outlets news of the world travels much faster than when I was little. Instead of the five o clock news or major headlines in the Sunday paper, we now know of happenings within minutes of the event. We are constantly inundated with the good, the bad and the ugly. What are we doing to ourselves mentally by being that advanced in the know? I once read a book on plants…


    Come On Girls! Don’t Fail Me NOW!

    I have been battling low supply for a couple of weeks now. I was pumping anywhere between eighteen to twenty ounces a day (while at work) to nine to ten if I am lucky. I am using up my stash I had in the freezer at alarming rates because I can’t keep up. Alarming you say? Yes! I did not know that I would be so panicked over this. My goal is a year and I am still holding on to that. I have now tried the brownies, cookies, brewers yeast, Fenugreek, flaxseed, oats, smoothies, power pumping and nothing is helping. Everyone keeps saying “Hey you did great I mean…