Teething Nightmare! It Really Is A Thing!

So I am going to go ahead and poo poo on the naysayers that say teething stories are made out to be worse than they are! They have no clue and it isn’t just hype!

My lil man started teething what seemed to be around four months. His first tooth erupted at seven months and now his second is coming in a month later. I have been bit, dealt with swollen gums and flushed cheeks, him not sleeping and severe irritability due to discomfort of his mouth. He is normally a super happy baby but when the teeth are flaring he lets it be known!

So things I have done to help:

  1. Nuby teething gel
  2. Nuby teething tablets
  3. Infant Tylenol
  4. Amber Necklace
  5. Wet cold washcloths
  6. Cold teething rings

I apply the gel as often as I can. I love it because it is all natural and he seems to get immediate relief. I have only found it at Target so far. Again at Target I purchased Nuby’s new teething tablets. They do not seem to help with pain but the Chamomile helps to calm him. I have used this in conjunction with Tylenol once and he did not have any adverse effects. I know the Tylenol or Ibuprofen question has come up and one that I intend to bring up to my pediatrician. Tylenol is used mainly for pain relief while Ibuprofen is pain and inflammation. I hate giving him either but I can’t stand him being in pain either.

Another safe and organic option is an Amber teething necklace. Amber’s natural Succinic Acid boosts the immune system and reduces gum swelling. I have seen a huge difference when he wears the necklace consistently. I do not let him sleep in it! I know some mama’s wrap it around their lil one’s ankle during nap and bedtime but I keep it off of him. Wet cold washcloths and teething rings are always a backup as well. He will chew on anything and everything right now including a nipple! That was fun!

On a side note I am investing into a crib rail teething guard. I kid you not I have little tooth (he only has one so far) marks all on the rail of his crib! I did not even know this was a thing until I Googled and other mama’s shared their stories of their little chewers.

Hopefully your teething experiences will be less eventful. I love his little tooth though and how his smile is that much sweeter!

Tell me your stories mama’s!


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