Come On Girls! Don’t Fail Me NOW!

I have been battling low supply for a couple of weeks now. I was pumping anywhere between eighteen to twenty ounces a day (while at work) to nine to ten if I am lucky. I am using up my stash I had in the freezer at alarming rates because I can’t keep up. Alarming you say? Yes! I did not know that I would be so panicked over this. My goal is a year and I am still holding on to that.

I have now tried the brownies, cookies, brewers yeast, Fenugreek, flaxseed, oats, smoothies, power pumping and nothing is helping. Everyone keeps saying “Hey you did great I mean you are 42!” I know that is supposed to be a pep talk of sorts but honestly, not helping. I am now nine months in and my year goal is so close!

I have cried and attempted to come to terms with the fact I may not make it and lil dude may have to be formula fed. I realize there are worse things in life but for me right now that is bad! He wants to breastfeed is the worst part of it all. I supplement bottles at dinner in hopes he will be full and not have to rely too much on me at bedtime to fill him up. Breastfeeding is the only way he will go to sleep so there is that. I have tried to give him a bottle at bedtime and he screams and slaps it away.

I know this all may seem trivial to some but for a mama there is a very emotional bond that comes with breastfeeding. When I walk in the door from work the first thing he wants to do is breastfeed. I suppose I will continue until my body says no more. I don’t know what else to do at this point.

This is just another one of those things No One Tells You About and even if someone had I still don’t think I would have been prepared….

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