• Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

    How to Raise A Stable Child In An Unstable World

    In an era before technology we were forced to be creative, inventive, and close to one another. We had a village to raise a child mentality. There were independent/critical thinkers. These are the people who have given us the world we have today. Who will be those inventors and creative people tomorrow when we have dumbed down and eliminated the human connection? Social media has taken over face to face relationships. Texting has replaced real conversation. We have TV’s as babysitters and iPad’s have replaced hands on teaching. We need to recognize how artificial our world has become and move forward to repairing it. Being a parent in this era…


    For Shame For Shame

    Parenting, one of the toughest jobs you will ever have. There is no handbook or Dial A Parenting Coach Hotline, and you will undoubtedly do things wrong a gazillion times. Wonderful thing is, you will also do a lot of things right. The right things will not receive near the attention nor get the kudos deserved but let someone catch wind of something that is wrong in their eyes and let the Parent Shaming begin!  I’ve even had perfect strangers threaten to kidnap my infant daughter because I happened to have her in a car-seat in her stroller (asleep) rather than in my arms, while I was in a checkout…


    15 Steps To Handling An Angry Little Person

    We are going through the temper tantrum stage currently and I have read several wonderful pieces on dealing with anger and outbursts in my toddler. I realize that he is tiny yet and he does not have the skills to manage his emotions. I also remind myself that I am an adult and have moments where I do not manage my emotions well so having compassion for him during this time is crucial. I found a fantastic article by Dr. Laura Markham ,creator of Aha! Parenting, that really put things into perspective. She breaks down the why and how not to react while giving great advice on how to handle…