Depression, Not A Dirty Little Secret

    The other night during the Grammy’s, Demi Lovato was up to sing and had to restart the song because emotions took over. The song that she was performing, Anyone, was written 4 days prior to her overdose in 2018. A comment was made, “I don’t understand why they have to keep talking about it. Can’t we just let it go already?”, and this struck a nerve. My comment back was, “Depression is not discriminatory. It can take hold of the rich, poor, famous, black, white, young and old. It can be expressed in many forms and we definitely need to keep talking about it”. The lyrics in Demi’s song were…


    I Don’t See You

    To the mom that ______, I don’t See you   So many posts these days that have “I See You” and this may make me a bit unpopular but, I don’t See you.   I don’t See the struggles you face with depression or anxiety every day because of your situation.   I don’t See the difficulties of having a child with special needs.   I don’t See the woman that has spent countless hours injecting herself with what she is praying to be her miracle to conceive.   I don’t See the mama that is with the love of her life in the NICU, praying that she will get…



    When someone says the word overexposed I think of film, a bad picture. The film was exposed to too much of something that made it bad. Do we live in a world that is overexposed? With so many social media outlets news of the world travels much faster than when I was little. Instead of the five o clock news or major headlines in the Sunday paper, we now know of happenings within minutes of the event. We are constantly inundated with the good, the bad and the ugly. What are we doing to ourselves mentally by being that advanced in the know? I once read a book on plants…