How to Find Safe Toys for Your Kids

In the US alone, over 200,000 child injuries per year are caused by toys. So, of course, as a concerned parent, you want safe toys for your children. Here are some things to consider.


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Always Read the Label

The most obvious thing to keep in mind when buying toys is to read the label. There are some manufacturing methods, materials, and even ways of using toys you need to be aware of. High-quality toys from reputable toymakers, such as LOL Surprise, for example, will always provide clear information on their packaging and labels. Typically this includes a recommended age, safety warnings, and how a toy should be used to ensure there are no safety issues.

Consider the Size

If you are buying toys for a younger child, there will always be choking hazards if they haven’t yet learned not to put things in their mouths. Babies and toddlers are known to do this. To avoid something bad happening, try giving them large toys with no moving parts or pieces that can fall off. In general, it helps to make sure any toys you give a child are at least bigger than the size of their mouth. That way, they are unlikely to choke on something when they are teething.

Stuffed Gifts May Not be Safe Toys

Baby gifts like teddy bears are loved by kids the world over. But not all are made equally. Cheaper ones, or even fake copies of popular brands, are made with hazardous materials. And some can even be a fire hazard if the electronics are sub-par. Check the origin and quality of a stuffed toy before buying. Make sure all the seams are tight and any attachments are secured. Also, stuffed toys should be machine washable at lower temperatures without any damage.

Stay Away from Projectiles

There are many toys for kids that shoot things. Why someone thought this was a good idea is baffling. Of course, foam bullets are generally fine. But anything harder than that will likely result in a trip to the emergency room. Projectiles are likely to hit your kids in the eye. Or younger children could pick a projectile and choke on it. If you really want shooting games for your children, consider water toys or even something like laser tag that doesn’t shoot anything out.

Make Sure Toys are Age Appropriate

All toys come with a recommended age. This is for a reason. Toy makers and lawmakers have tested toys for safety concerns. And from their conclusions have agreed on an appropriate age for that toy. So never give a toy to a child under the recommended age. This is because there is a chance of danger since it may be used in the wrong way. And if a toy doesn’t come with an age recommendation, it is probably a fake import that you should avoid like the plague.


Safe toys are easy to come by. But you need to investigate a little. Always read the label for any warnings, never buy toys that shoot things for children, and ensure toys are age appropriate.


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