Today I held him a little longer, a little tighter. I know he is tiny yet but the recent events of this world have made my instincts to protect him that much greater. I used to think “Tragedy doesn’t strike small towns, especially at church”. Yesterday’s events completely shattered that apparent delusion that I had.

This week I have learned that a simple trip to the store to pick up rubber bands or gathering in the house of the Lord is not safe.

While I know that getting in your car daily can be a risk, I don’t correlate the other two with the potential of losing your life. I can’t wrap my head around the recent events and how as a parent you would explain them to your children.

I know that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I know that I will not walk in fear and live my life as such. I will continue to pray for those affected and pray the blood of Jesus continues to cover my family, friends etc. I will raise my lil one to understand there are evils in the world that will not make any sense but he is not to be afraid because the Lord will always have him wrapped in his arms.

My heart and prayers go out to you all amidst this time of grief….


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