I’m a Mom Raising Kids in Generation Lonely

    Let me let you in on a little secret—very few people know my heart. Thousands of friends and followers on social media, but I still find myself lonely at times. You see, making a connection in this generation is very different than generations before us. Prior generations did not have technology and other devices to depend on to socialize. They visited each other’s homes, they went to church together, their kids played, and they were a community. Now, relationships are built on a stranger and social media. We rely on people to give us advice to handle our day-to-day situations, in hopes of a fix. We listen to each other’s…


    Come On Girls! Don’t Fail Me NOW!

    I have been battling low supply for a couple of weeks now. I was pumping anywhere between eighteen to twenty ounces a day (while at work) to nine to ten if I am lucky. I am using up my stash I had in the freezer at alarming rates because I can’t keep up. Alarming you say? Yes! I did not know that I would be so panicked over this. My goal is a year and I am still holding on to that. I have now tried the brownies, cookies, brewers yeast, Fenugreek, flaxseed, oats, smoothies, power pumping and nothing is helping. Everyone keeps saying “Hey you did great I mean…


    Mama Bear Is Strong

    So the family was out at our local outdoor store this weekend and I apparently showed my mama bear instinct a bit too harsh (if there is a thing). One of the employees walked up to us and asked if we needed anything and bee-lined to Coop. She grabbed his hand and I immediately said “Please don’t touch him. He is little yet and has not been vaccinated”. She apologized and said she should not have just reached out and grabbed him. When she walked away my hubby looked at me with shock and said ” Wow that was the first time I have seen you go full on mom…