It Is Okay To Say No!

    After having Coop I meet some lovely ladies that were also new mom’s. The conversation came up about visitors, people wanting to hold your child and strangers coming up and touching your baby when out in public. I mentioned I have no problem saying no! It was really that simple. He is new and tiny and I wasn’t going to expose him to any possible germs. One of the mama’s looked at me and said she wished she could do that and was impressed I could so easily. She said it was almost as if it were expected that everyone under the sun could come visit and hold her newborn.…


    Mama Bear Is Strong

    So the family was out at our local outdoor store this weekend and I apparently showed my mama bear instinct a bit too harsh (if there is a thing). One of the employees walked up to us and asked if we needed anything and bee-lined to Coop. She grabbed his hand and I immediately said “Please don’t touch him. He is little yet and has not been vaccinated”. She apologized and said she should not have just reached out and grabbed him. When she walked away my hubby looked at me with shock and said ” Wow that was the first time I have seen you go full on mom…