Hate, a Condition of the Heart

Like so many I woke up this morning to tragic news once again hitting the heart of America. A lone gunman opened fire at a concert venue in Las Vegas killing at least fifty injuring hundreds more. My initial thought was my God what world have I brought a child in to? My next thought was every generation has seen its share of violence and tragedy’s but that did not stop us from having families and continuing on with life.

Each generations story is different but the same. Tragic and deadly, two words that have been a common trend since the fall. If we look back to the first murder recorded and what motivated him, hate. Hate was in the heart of a man that was so overcome by it he took the life of his own brother. It is a condition of the heart and can drive a person to do things that are inconceivable to others.

So how do we raise children that are not poisoned by hate? I believe exposure is a huge factor. What are they seeing on T.V? What kind of music are they exposed to? What kind of conversations are adults having around them?

I am not to the point where I have to have conversation with Coop and explain why these things happen, but that day will come. When it does I pray God gives me the wisdom to convey things to him in a way that does not strike fear, but understanding. I pray that he will learn by it and be aware of his own heart and how easy it is to allow hate to enter. I pray that we as his parents live our lives as a positive example and he will see God in us. I pray that he will have a kind heart and other’s will see that in him.

I can’t express how saddened I am over last nights tragedy. Know that our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

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