5 of the Best Approaches to Switch Careers

When you want to switch careers, it can be hard. Maybe you have gotten bored of your old job, or perhaps you want to see the world. Whichever it is, you can spend a long time between jobs if you aren’t proactive. From job boards to getting the CV right, here are some of the best ways.


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Register with Reputable Recruiters

The first thing you need to do is register with reputable recruiters who know what they are doing. If you specialize in something, it also helps to find specialized recruiters. For example, you need a recruiter like Advantis Medical for travel nursing jobs. These can help place you in key roles where your skills are best used. However, you should also sign up to general job boards and websites and put yourself out there. There is also the chance you will be headhunted as well.

Sign Up for Job Boards

Job boards, as mentioned, help you get yourself out there. It can be a little off-putting because you need to fill in a lot of details. But the more information you provide to a job board, the more you can be matched to employers. Back in the day, you had to apply for loads of jobs yourself. You can still do this, of course. But now, they also use AI and algorithms to match you to employers based on the data you give them. So don’t overlook this crucial step when looking.

Attend Job Fairs to Switch Careers

Not everyone likes looking for jobs online, despite how convenient it is. As a general rule, it is better to use a mixture of online and offline methods to find jobs. One of the best offline methods is attending job fairs. These can be better because you can meet employers face to face, like  mini interviews. Also, around 90% of colleges have job fairs that offer around 50,000 vacancies, and you don’t always need to be a student either. So you can attend to get a feel for a position.

Nail CVs and Cover Letters

Never send out the same CV to multiple employers. This is a cardinal sin of job application. Employers can spot when a CV is reused because it always looks generic, so you must tailor your CV to each application. Of course, you need the same basic information. But only include what they are interested in. You can highlight more of what you are good at and what you can offer by also writing a new cover letter for each application if a job specifies they want one.

Tout Yourself on Social Media

Social media platforms provide you with an almost unlimited network of people. And if you make yourself available via certain ones, there is a chance you will be noticed. Facebook is OK, but something like LinkedIn offers the best chances. This is because LinkedIn is used by many industry professionals and acts almost like a job board site. You can even choose an option to have your details shared when looking for a job to indicate you are available as a new hire.


Registering with recruiters is a great way to switch careers easily. Getting out to job fairs also helps you meet the right people. And you can use LinkedIn to make yourself available online.


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