Wait, What? Boobies Aren’t For Feeding?

Imagine with me if you will a perfect weather day in the mountains. You are sitting at a lil picnic table with your hubby and almost six month old enjoying the day. Then you overhear “That s*it right there shouldn’t be allowed!”

Now you might think I was smoking weed, drinking in public, vandalizing something well you get the picture but I wasn’t. I was feeding my son! You see he still breastfeed’s and while I bring a bottle on trips for the car for emergency purposes, I still breastfeed when not driving etc. I of course ignored the ignorant comment and continued on with feeding my baby. The real kicker is I was covered up and not an inch of skin showing.


While I have heard other women say they have been shamed in public for breastfeeding this was a first for me. I am not going to say I was angered because while I can’t control other people I can control myself and how I choose to react. I nodded my head, gave him a bless your heart and continued on. It did get me to thinking though that boobies are a great tool for advertisement and entertainment but not for the true purpose which is to feed your child? I wonder how other countries view this and is the ignorance privy to the US only?

So ladies it’s time to tell your story and share your photos if you have them. Have you ever been shamed in public for breastfeeding?

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