Why Your Parenting Meme May Be Hurtful

I thank God I have been given the opportunity to lose sleep, be peed on, spit-up on, pooped on, kicked while trying to sleep, given up wine/beer and can’t wait to experience a full blown temper tantrum, hearing mom a million times, walking behind a lil one cleaning up after them only for another mess to follow, be late because he doesn’t want to get ready, asks a million questions, have zero time to myself because a toddler is following me, be interrupted a million times and a list of other things that go along with being a mama. You see we worked and prayed hard for this child and while you think the meme is funny and it gains popularity, there is a woman out there that would kill to be in your shoes. She cry’s daily because she doesn’t know if she will ever be given the opportunity that your meme jokes about. I try to be cognizant of what I post/pin etc. because I too was that woman at one time. I know the pain that is involved and can only pray for anyone going through it. I have made a vow to never complain about being a mama, even in joking, because he is my miracle and I never want to seem ungrateful.

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  • Megan Smith

    Such a great lil reminder of the things we’re so blessed for every day!:)

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