• Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

    Get Yourself Truly Into The Christmas Spirit

    It’s that time of the year where we’ve all got to come together and enjoy the company of our family and friends, and that should be something that’s easy to do! Christmas isn’t the same for everyone anymore, and it can be hard to get yourself into the Christmas spirit, which is why you’ve got to put the extra effort in! There’s no jollier time of year, and you’ve got to embrace it for what it is, which is Christmas! Of course, not everyone celebrates it, but that’s no reason to not be jolly! Everyone can partake in festive activities, as they’re great fun for all. “Note this is a…


    Amazing & Easy Shortbread Cookies

    I love the versatility of shortbread cookies! I love them even more dipped in chocolate! I took these one more step and added peppermint because my little one loves it! He had one of these cookies and did a happy dance singing these are the best cookies ever! He is four so any cookie is a great cookie, but it made me smile. Anyhow, you can dip these or leave them plain. You can sprinkle sugar or other fun toppings prior to baking too. These are also the perfect shortbread cookie Christmas recipe! I know Santa will love these cookies! Enjoy y’all!   Super easy and tasty shortbread cookies!