D Day! AKA Delivery.

You have your bag packed, birth plan in hand, hubby has camera and his overnight bag, now waiting on baby! I started dilating on a Monday and did not have any real labor pains. I have read other mom’s tell their experience that they felt nauseated, had cramps and a laundry list of symptoms. I did not have any of this. I had, this baby is out of room, I can’t breathe and it is time! After seeing our Dr. early Thursday morning and instantly crying when she asked me how I was she agreed it was time. She sent me upstairs and the game was on! So I thought… Apparently my body had a different plan and was going to take its dear sweet time dilating . What I believed would be a 24-48 hour process turned into 62 hours! Yes you read that right! My lil man was comfy cozy and had no intent of making an appearance and my body was complying.

We were all checked in and in my room when reality hit! We are doing this! Are we ready? Will we be good parents? Do we have everything we need? Panic!!! Okay breathe now. We’ve got this. I have a great support team and what could go wrong, right? You will go through emotions you did not know existed! Again remember to breathe and keep your sights on the prize.

I was not dilating quickly so ended up getting a lil help via a Foley balloon insert. That was dreamy! I am not going to go into details but look it up and feel free to ask questions. Anyhow, after the balloon, oral pills to ripen cervix and lots of walking my water finally broke! I was so ready and excited I can’t even put it into words. Pause…Plot twist! I was holding at a 6 for what felt like ever and in turn ended up getting an infection in my amniotic fluid. I was running a high fever, vomiting every few minutes and well you get the picture. By Friday afternoon I was exhausted and pretty sure I was going to die! I gave up on “dealing with the pain” and received the epidural. HOLY BLESSING! I am really uncertain why I waited so long. Ladies take the drugs! (Of course this is a personal preference but I highly recommend!) That night my Dr. came in and explained that lil man’s heart rate was elevated and we had to get it under control, deliver soon or I would end up having a c-section. She was giving me until 10:00p and if I hadn’t dilated enough she was calling it. For the next 3 hours I did the best Yoga poses imaginable with an epidural! My hubby was an absolute dream and the best help a woman could ask for. 10:00p rolled around and I was finally ready! I was absolutely spent and had no clue how I was going to deliver in the state I was in. After lots of prayer and a wonderful mid-wife that gave me a great pep talk I agreed to at least try. At 12:05a it was time! At 12:21a we meet our Cooper! 62 hours of labor and 12 minutes of pushing! It was all worth it though! He is the most amazing lil dude ever.

As scary as it all sounds it was the greatest thing I have ever done! Your experience will be completely different from mine and I can’t prep you for it. However, know that it doesn’t last forever and the end result is the best payoff imaginable! You’ve got this!

I would love to hear your experience and anything that you can share that may help a new mom to be would be awesome! Thank you for reading y’all!


  • Adria

    I can’t imagine 62 hours of labor!! Holy moly and super mommy!! I’ll try to make mine brief…haha!
    You’re right, no experience is the same. Felice came 5 weeks early and she was breach, so I was at a house warming party all day long just having what I thought were Braxton hicks and then downloaded an app to track them once I realized they were pretty regular. No one knew that anything was going on, not even the hubby. We picked up some dinner on the way home, ate, and I continued to track contractions. He finally asked me what the heck I was doing when we were sitting on the couch. Then the app “screamed” at me to, “go to the hospital! You’ve been having contractions for 2 hours 5 mins apart.” I thought no way….and restarted the clock!! I had to work the next day and I wasn’t having any pain whatsoever. Keep in mind, she was breach….soft tushy doesn’t hurt like a hard head does(I found that out the second time around!!).
    So, a little later we went to bed, still having regular, stronger contractions. Rich said if I wasn’t asleep within 30 mins to call the doc. Well, I knew after 1 min I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. I called the office, spoke to the nurse and she said to come on to just get checked, but probably plan on going home. So that’s what we did, I brought my phone and my wallet. That’s it. No bag(not that you need it anyway, which no one really tells you), no camera, nothing. We didn’t tell anyone we were going either. No one would know anything until after she was born. We walked up to L & D, they looked at me and said let’s just go check you out. Again, the nurse at the hospital said you’ll probably go home. The contractions were definitely getting stronger, but still nothing more than some bad period cramps…not what I ever thought labor would be. The nurse checked me and said, “well, your having a baby tonight. You’re already 6cm.” Immediately I said she was breach. She said to let the dr do an ultrasound and see. I knew she was, I’d been rubbing her head in the same spot for months.
    The dr came in and said we’ve got to move fast, you’re going to need a c-section. I’d already mentally prepared myself for this possibility and was fine with it. Rich asked if he had time to go home and get the camera…nope. We got a liter of fluid in quickly and then to the OR. I was doing fine until I was sitting up looking at the RN just before the spinal went in…then I broke down. I wasn’t ready…I hadn’t picked a middle name! I didn’t have a pediatrician for her yet! I didn’t have a place for her to sleep in our room
    yet!! I wasn’t mentally ready one bit. But then I went numb, and within minutes I saw that tiny, little perfect angel and all fears disappeared. Rich got to hold her first but got as close as he could to me so I could kiss her little face. At that point I had no idea of anything else that was going on. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Rich later told me that they put something the size of a basketball hoop in my belly to get her out, but I wouldn’t notice that until later, lol.
    You are so right, it is an unbelievable experience and completely and 100% worth every part of it. There isn’t the perfect advice for anyone, but I would say…take advantage of the drugs they can give you. I didn’t have an epidural with either of mine because I chose to have and actually needed another section with Cyndal(cord wrapped twice and affecting her before I went into labor), but I was completely ready to have an epidural if that were the case.
    Thank you for starting this blog and allowing us to share! I love reading others’ experiences and reliving my own whenever I can :-).

    • themamalife

      I love this! Thank you so much for sharing and your girls are absolutely adorable! You are a rock star mama!

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