The 9 Times When It Pays to Copycat

If you have been accused of “copycatting,” there are plenty of examples to prove it can actually be beneficial in certain instances. In this blog post, we will look at nine instances when copying others is appropriate, and how to strategically do it so as to maximize its benefits; under certain conditions it could even help you outshone its original source!



Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash


When You’re Still Learning

One of the best times to copycat is when beginning in a new field or hobby and need help learning the fundamentals. Copying someone else’s work can provide invaluable assistance, allowing you to gain more knowledge faster while becoming more competent as an artist or other profession.


When it Saves Time

Sometimes copying someone else’s work can save time and effort. For instance, if your business requires an eCommerce platform but lacks the capacity to build one from scratch, copying an existing platform may be a wise solution.


When You want Inspiration

When in need of some creative inspiration, taking a look back can help get things rolling again. Studying previous ideas can give you vital ideas which could give rise to something completely unique and useful for yourself.


When You Want to Gain New Skills

Sometimes copying is the best way to learn new skills quickly and efficiently. If you want to begin learning Python but are uncertain where to begin, copying someone else’s code line by line until you understand how everything works can be an invaluable way of quickly and efficiently gaining knowledge.


When You’re Experimenting

Experimentation is an integral part of creative work. By imitating others’ work, experimentation allows you to explore various approaches without being bound by completely original content. By imitating other people’s work you can test out different techniques without having to come up with something completely unique – which may help solve existing problems while opening up opportunities that you hadn’t considered previously.


When You’re Making a Homage

Sometimes it can be rewarding and fun to pay tribute to another artist’s work by directly replicating their style or technique. By doing this, you are able to appreciate their artistry while adding your own twist; showing respect to other artists while finding creative inspiration through them all at the same time!


When Your Work Has to Fit Someone Else’s Style

Under certain conditions, such as when working on corporate design projects, you may be asked to match the style of another designer or brand. Looking at their previous work can help you understand exactly how they want a particular project done so that your finished product fits seamlessly within their existing work.


When You’re Trying To Make Something Unique

Sometimes just looking at someone else’s work can provide us with enough inspiration to create something truly original. By taking elements from different pieces and combining them in creative ways – and adding your own ideas – it can lead to something completely original that stands out.


When Your Making Fast Food Inspired Recipes

Foodies or culinary enthusiasts who appreciate classic fast food recipes may not want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to recipes. Looking at classic fast food dishes may provide a good starting point. Customize any basic concept by altering ingredients, experimenting with cooking methods, or taking an unconventional approach to presentation. Maybe even combine two fast food items! Whatever it is you make, everyone will want a taste.  How about making your own in and out burgers or KFC bowls with extra crunchy chicken pieces – whatever you decide, have fun creating something new!


Copying someone else’s idea can be an excellent way to enter the business world if you don’t yet possess any original ones of your own. Furthermore, copycatting allows you to learn from successful people while building on their successes – but remember that creativity and innovation remain essential elements for long-term success; use copycatting as a tool but make sure your own unique touch remains evident!


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