Prayer… It Works

So anyone that knows me knows that complaining is not my thing. In fact when someone asks how I am my response is “Can’t complain and no one would want to listen if I did.” My aunt came back with the perfect response, sometimes if you don’t vocalize what is going on, God can’t put people in a place to pray for you and it is okay to express what is going on.

That made me think a bit because while life happens and it is frustrating when things don’t go your way someone else always has it harder/ worse so who am I to complain? I follow a family on Instagram for instance and their little one Remy was very ill and has been hospitalized for some time now. I have watched his family and his progression and while his mama has never complained, she has always expressed everything going on and this in turn has opened the door for many people to pray. I am in awe of her strength and how she has allowed God to work as I am uncertain if I could do the same.

I suppose I have always had a very hold it close attitude as I believe many enjoy seeing you in miserable times and I don’t want to give anyone the satisfaction.

Today I have had a bit of a change of heart. We are going through some times that are difficult and even though some of it may seem trivial it is challenging and I am reaching out to all of you and asking for prayer. In return I would like for you to share with me and let me pray for you! If you don’t want to give detail’s that is completely okay just respond with “pray for me please”.

Here are my prayer requests:

  1. Our house in Colorado sells and sells quickly. It has been under contract twice and fallen out due to financing and family matters.
  2. A job comes open for two of my family members.
  3. We find the perfect preschool to put Cooper in.

I know that these things will all happen but the wait is stressful and taxing. I appreciate all of your prayers and again I would love to pray for you!



  • Eewang

    I have read many blog posts but you are the best one.Your way of writing and the flow of your words is awesome. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing this amazing blog with us.

    • themamalife

      Thank you! I pray my words are used to heal and inspire. Hope you have a fantastic New Year!

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