Top Parenting Questions Googled

    They say parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and I am going to disagree. While it isn’t in handbook form, Google has become my go to when I have questions. Now I know you can’t rely on everything you read but other mama’s like myself have shared their experiences and after reading many scenarios I usually take a bit of each. Here are a few key things that I have searched in the past 18 months and have been asked by other parents. Remember none of this is biblical and should always be discussed with your doctor! Question: When can a baby sleep with a blanket? Answer: By the time your child…


    Teething Nightmare! It Really Is A Thing!

    So I am going to go ahead and poo poo on the naysayers that say teething stories are made out to be worse than they are! They have no clue and it isn’t just hype! My lil man started teething what seemed to be around four months. His first tooth erupted at seven months and now his second is coming in a month later. I have been bit, dealt with swollen gums and flushed cheeks, him not sleeping and severe irritability due to discomfort of his mouth. He is normally a super happy baby but when the teeth are flaring he lets it be known! So things I have done…