Has Quarantine Life Changed Us And The Way We Behave Toward Others?

    Okay hear me out for a minute. I live in the South and we are known for “Southern Hospitality”, but I fear the virus has changed us and I hope we can get back to the way we were. We went to Blue Ridge, Georgia this weekend and while it is normally the sweetest little southern town you would ever, it has turned ugly. People are just, different. I know we are fearful of catching a virus that we still don’t know a ton about and what we do know changes daily, but when did we stop being polite or hospitable to each other? I wear a mask so I…


    The Fragile Generation

    My generation was the last that learned to play in the street. We were the first to play video games, the last to record songs off the radio onto a cassette tape. We had the first VCR, cordless phone, microwave, CD’s, Atari, TV remote control, MTV when it actually played music videos, and so much more. This generation will experience newer models of the items our generation had first. We didn’t have cars with airbags, rode bikes without a helmet and knee pads, and were allowed to be kids and get hurt. We were allowed to play in the mud and not regulated sand that is safe. We drank from…