The Ultimate Guide to Sabbaticals: 5 Effective Ways to Press “Pause” on Life

Everyone needs a break now and then. What if we told you there were ways of taking one that could completely alter your outlook on life? Welcome to sabbaticals – where everyday meets extraordinary, and your office chair becomes something far away.



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The Digital Detox Sabbatical

Let’s face it – technology has taken over our lives. From smartphones and social media feeds, to our constant need for stimulation. Here comes the Digital Detox Sabbatical! You aren’t on a typical vacation where all that changes is that your desk becomes a poolside lounger while still clutching onto your phone; no, this experience offers you a complete and total escape from digital technology. Imagine living in a world without notifications dictating your schedule, where silence goes beyond just setting on your phone and where reading a book without being temped to tweet every notable line would be possible. The Digital Detox Sabbatical provides an opportunity to reconnect with life beyond screens, engage in real conversations, and appreciate nature’s sounds and sights. Take this time away from technology, ditch Wi-Fi for wildlife watching and let your fingers take some steps in real world environments!


Learn Something New Sabbatical

For those eager to expand their horizons and broaden their minds, this unique learning sabbatical provides the ideal solution. Are you keen on picking up a foreign language, perfecting Italian culinary arts or taking diving lessons? The Learn Something New Sabbatical could be perfect. No matter the direction your curiosity takes you, this type of sabbatical provides the gift of time to dedicate towards developing new skills or exploring unfamiliar disciplines.  Imagine returning to work reenergized yet reinvented – not only refreshed but with something to show your colleagues about your tortellini-making talents or newly gained Japanese language abilities! 


The Travel Sabbatical

Pack up and leave all inhibitions at home: the Travel Sabbatical is all about experiencing life to its fullest. Get ready for an exhilarating journey of exploration! Have you always dreamt of trekking the Inca Trail, celebrating Holi in India, or witnessing the Northern Lights in Iceland? Now is your opportunity! This sabbatical allows you to swap office monotony for the wonders of remote corners. Travel Sabbaticals provide the chance to explore various cultures, cuisines, and communities; giving you access to experiences you would never get in an office cubicle. Your Travel Sabbatical isn’t just an off-work break – it’s an adventure story waiting for its hero! Don’t wait; make the world your oyster (or sushi or snail depending on where you travel!). Just go on an adventure story today.


The Volunteer Sabbatical

Prepare to dig in and engage in meaningful work – whether that means contributing to a housing project in South America, teaching English in rural Africa villages or protecting endangered wildlife in Australia. This sabbatical is not about lazing by the poolside; rather, it’s an opportunity to experience first-hand how giving and creating tangible change can enrich lives and minds. Volunteer Sabbatical is about shifting away from corporate attire in favor of work boots and kindness, with an understanding that true rewards don’t come in the form of paychecks but in seeing smiles of those you helped. With help from affordable movers you’ll soon be making a difference! Not just an excuse for time off work; volunteering is proof that humanity thrives through lifting others up. 


A Wellness Sabbatical

For those searching for peace and rejuvenation, taking a Wellness Sabbatical is a powerful means of finding it. Imagine unwinding at an exotic spa in Bali; meditating in an Ashram in India; or trekking serene trails of Switzerland’s Alps! This Wellness Sabbatical is all about swapping stress-inducing deadlines for relaxing deep-tissue massages, and team meetings for Tai chi classes. You will emerge rejuvenated, recharged and ready to face the world again after emerging from this journey towards self-discovery and inner peace. 


Sabbaticals have historically been associated with academic pursuits; however, today they’ve become much more flexible and individualistic. From digital detoxes to travel sabbaticals, the key is choosing an experience that matches up with your needs and passions – so take that “pause” button on life and take a sabbatical!


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