Not My Childhood, How My Parents Have Made Me A Better Parent.

    Charles Dickens said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Parenting is the easiest and the toughest job. Easy because it works on mutual love and instinctual care but tough because a single mistake can cause lifelong scars. With that said, these are things that my child will never understand: Sexual abuse: I am a product of sexual abuse that started at a very young age until I was 13 years old. I fortunately have a powerful God that kept me from becoming a statistic. I used it to make me an independent and strong person and not a victim. It also taught me a…


    Not Broken

    See the kid in the picture? That is me, just a child who didn’t have a voice, or so she thought. I can’t remember when it started but I do remember when it ended. I was 14 years old, and in the biggest 14-year-old voice I could muster, I threatened the man who had sexually abused me. I told him if he ever touched me again I would kill him. I didn’t know how, but I would. Two days later, he dropped dead of a heart attack. I mourned his death because even though he was abusive, I did love him. He was my grandfather and I still loved him…