The Role of Olive Oil in Your Dogs Diet

My Golden Retriever, Fin, has been crazy itchy this year. He is two and has never had allergies so I began to worry. Of course I hate anything that is not natural so I started the search on what can I do at a holistic level to help him. I found the article below and after using EVOO for two weeks now, he is finding relief! I also changed his food from beef to fish and that has seemed to help too.

Posted by Rick Petrocelly on 28th Jan 2018

We know all about how olive oil can help our own diets, but have you heard about how it can help your dog? The same reasons you should be consuming olive oil are the reasons why you should be letting your dog in on the healing powers of olive oil as well. Some people have heralded the oil as a superfood.

Help control weight gain:

Because olive oil is so high in monounsaturated fats, it can help break down the fat inside of the fat cells and help shed pounds. It can be very beneficial in dogs with serious weight issues. Extra-virgin olive is rich in antioxidant features because of its wealth of polyphenols, vitamin E, clorophyll and carotenoids which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well. Obesity in pets can lead to disease very quickly. Obese pets are more of a risk to suffer from stroke too, which is another reason why adding extra-virgin olive oil to your pet’s diet can work wonders.


Olive oil can also help get rid of belly fat and reduces insulin sensitivity which reduces the risk of diabetes. It has a reputation of being a fuel for metabolism in dogs meaning it can help get your dog more active. Overall, if you’d like to add a supplement to your pet’s diet that will help prevent obesity and any disease associated with it, olive oil is a necessity.

Helps keep skin and fur healthy:

You can use olive oil to help condition your dog’s fur by incorporating it into your its diet with a daily serving. It adds a sheen to any type of fur or coat and helps alleviate dry and itchy skin. When dogs ingest olive oil, it works as a natural moisturizer and helps combat flaky skin, fleas, sensitivity to shampoo, stress and hormonal changes. If you’ve been trying to find a way to give your dog a softer coat of fur, olive oil is definitely something that should be considered.

Using olive oil is also can also be effective as a moisturizer, by applying it directly to your pet’s skin. It is recommended to add five to ten drops of oil to one cup of water, before using your hands to massage the mixture into your pet’s fur. Try this daily until the dog’s fur looks the way it needs to. Once it does, keep applying the treatment periodically. This is great to remember during the winter months when pets often experience skin and fur discomfort.

Improves the Immune System:

The rich nutrients in olive oil also helps to boost the immune system in your pet. The polyphenols and carotenoids that help improve immune system. Olive oil will help your dog fight off harmful pathogens which helps prevent your dog from getting sick as the seasons transitions. Olive oil can also prevent free radical cell oxidation that often leads premature aging. It also helps fight disease in your dog.

Provides a Brain Boost:

Olive oil also provides dogs with a mental boost. There’s extensive research that provides proof that olive oil possesses compounds that contribute to brain health. The studies found that a particular polyphenol called oleocanthal which is found in olives and extra virgin olive oil is linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The results found from the studies also display that incorporating olive oil into your dog’s diet can help protect the brain against cognitive decline in older dogs.

Olive oil helps improve blood flow in older dogs. You can support their memory and brain function by adding 1-2 teaspoons per day. Younger dogs who have olive oil regularly incorporated into their diets are usually more energetic, and often experience enhanced cognition. Breeds that are known for belonging to “intelligent” breeds like poodles, would benefit extraordinarily from a small serving of olive oil. Similar to the nutrients found in fish, olive oil will improve your dog’s focus and attention.


Anyone looking to improve the lifestyle of their four-legged friends should be looking to incorporate olive oil into their diet as soon as possible. Other advantages include not having to resort to as many over-the-counter supplements later on in their life, and prevention of diseases like Alzheimers and dementia. Other benefits to feeding your dog a couple of drops of olive oil every now and then include good bone and joint health and improved circulation. Olive oil contributes to the blood flow of your pet, and helps dogs who have difficulty breathing. For instance, dogs who suffer from asthma would greatly benefit from regular olive oil consumption.

It should also be mentioned that dogs enjoy the taste of olive oil! It is often used as a method of stimulating the appetite of a dog who may be having trouble eating. It can be added to wet or dry food. The easiest way to incorporate olive oil into your dog’s diet is to drizzle it over the food, or to try baking dog treats using olive oil. The servings should be limited to just one teaspoon per 20 pounds per body weight per day. For instance, if your dog is 80 lbs., about four teaspoons per day should suffice.

Many of the  benefits olive oil provides for people are the same as those that it offers for dogs. If your pet’s longevity and brain health is of the same importance to you as yours, you should be incorporating olive oil into their diet. They’ll not only enjoy it, but you’ll benefit from having your four-legged friend here and healthy for a very long time.

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