Healthy Ways To Have Your Cake & Eat It To!

When you have a sweet tooth, it can be one of the biggest barriers if you want to have a healthier diet. Enjoying desserts and other sweet things can give you a lot of pleasure, and giving them up or even cutting back is tough. But sugary foods will also often contain a lot of fat and they’re usually not the healthiest choices. However, having a healthy diet doesn’t mean denying yourself the indulgences that you love. You can have desserts and sweet treats as part of a healthy diet if you eat them in moderation and maybe make some changes to your choices.


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Make Ingredient Swaps


If you enjoy baking and making desserts, swapping some of the ingredients that you use can be a great way to make a bake healthier. You can try experimenting with different types of flour and different types of fat. Consider using unsaturated oils as fat in your cakes to give them moisture while also making them a little healthier. You can also try whole grain flour instead of white flour or some other flour types in your bakes. It’s worth experimenting to see what works because different types of flour will produce different results.


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Try Healthier Frosting/Icing


Finishing off a cake with some cream cheese frosting or something extra sugary can be half the fun. But it also adds a lot of fat and sugar to what might already be a particularly sugary cake. Instead of using your usual frosting option, consider trying one that’s a bit lighter to make it a tiny bit healthier. Using glace (water) icing can help you to cover your cake without a heavy frosting that uses butter or cream cheese. You only need a drizzle to add a bit more sweetness. You could also use low-fat cheese options such as quark, which can make great frosting.


Use Fruit and Veggies


Using fruits and vegetables in your cakes is a fantastic way to make them healthier. Plus, it can also make them wonderfully moist and give them a great texture. Try the healthy carrot cake recipe at fromscratchfast.com for one way to use vegetables in a cake. Apart from the traditional carrot cake, you could try using other root vegetables in a similar way. Chocolate and beetroot are often combined in cakes, and you can even try using avocado in your desserts. Just remember that fruit often has a lot of sugar in it too.


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Be Careful with Portions


The most important thing if you want a healthy diet is to eat everything in moderation. There’s no need to give up sweet treats if you’re able to manage how much of them you eat. Controlling your portion sizes will help you to be healthier while still allowing you to have the things you love. You don’t even need to use healthier ingredients if you simply choose to have a smaller piece of cake or a smaller portion of whatever dessert you want.


Being healthy doesn’t mean giving up desserts. You can still have your cake and eat it to where healthy diets are concerned.

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